What is reputation marketing?

7November 2020

What is reputation marketing you ask?

First off, regarding my company, I can do all the usual digital marketing things like Website Design, Google Ads, FaceBook Ads, SEO, Google My Business yadda yadda.

What makes me stick out from the rest?

Reputation marketing.

Before anything else, you need to raise your reputation online. Remember when having a website was the way to have credibility online? Now it’s reputation.

When people were asked “What’s the first thing that makes you want to contact a business?” Here’s the breakdown of the stats.

55%: Good online reviews
27%: Cheapest services/items
18%: First page in Google

Pretty wild huh? People can spend THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on SEO, backlinks and other forms of marketing to get someone on the first page of Google, but less than 20% of people aren’t going to give you the time of day without good reviews.

They want to know what people are saying about you to see if they can trust you!

That’s why I like to tell people, start with the reputation marketing first, AND THEN you can start doing the REALLY FUN STUFF.

If you are wondering whether or not this is a “shiny object” that people who don’t know what they are doing constantly dangle in front of you, think about it this way.

Say you are looking for a widget store in your town online. You see three stores. One with four reviews, one with zero reviews, one with 47 glowing reviews, which one are you going to pick hmmmmmm? haha

I’ll be making more posts about reputation as well as Google my business, a free marketing tool from Google that barely anyone takes advantage of.

Are you interested in me helping you grow your reputation? Let’s talk.


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