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As a marketer and brand builder I see a lot of people in social media with all sorts of ideas, brands, niches, and wow I love it! It’s a privilege just being a part of watching something grow. I love a good story when someone starts from nothing too.

One comedian in Australia I instantly subscribed too on youtube, Issac Butterfield, had a great story on his one million subscribers celebration video here. To summarize it, he was an up-and-coming comedian who was getting tired of driving hours to do a 5-minute set for free. He decided he wanted to build his brand of comedy on youtube and after about 2 1/2 years he’s selling out venues. It’s a good video and I love how grateful he was in the video too. 

He did more than just youtube videos though. He is consistent on other forms of social media with his posting and interacting with people. 

Now if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re saying, “Well I’m posting all the time and interacting on social media.”  

33 kick ass ideas for social media

Thor is skeptical

I agree with skeptical Thor on this.  

The main problem I see is posts that talk AT people, not TO people. For example, I see people saying, “Hey, I’m a Realtor, I can help you find a home.” Or Mortgage Brokers always talking about rates. 

If you post like this, and I’m sure you do, it’s okayI have two questions for you.  

1) So what?  

2) Who cares?  

I’m serious. 

I don’t see what makes you different from the others. Why should someone do business with you?  

Don’t post just to post. Post with a purpose. Do it to connect, learn about your audience, start a conversation, get leads, drive traffic and build your business. 

That’s where building a brand comes in with Social Media. When you build your brand, people get to know you, what you like, what you don’t like, who you are as a person. One MAJOR thing that I learned with 25 years of sales experience is people don’t want to do business with you because they think you’re highly skilled at what you do. They want to do business with you because they LIKE YOU. 

I’m not joking.  

I used to be a Real Estate Investor. One time I spoke to a seller about buying his house, and while talking I told him I was going to see my favorite NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles play after we were done with our phone call. Guess what? He was an Eagles fan too. Guess WHAT WHAT? I GOT THE CONTRACT! Haha 

I didn’t get it because I was the best in my trade. I got it because he liked me. 

That’s why I wanted to give you a few ideas to help you grow your brand and get more engagement on your social media.

Let’s get started.  

  1. Remind people who you are and how you got started. 
  2. Go Behind The Scenes: Show people your office or where you work. 
  3. Share a Personal Story: These are always good. It doesn’t have to be about your niche, just something fun.
  4. Tell People What You Sell: Talk about the way you can serve people.
  5. Share a funny MEME. (I KNOW you like skeptical THOR!)
  6. Share an Inspirational Quote.
  7. Be the expert and solve a problem in your niche.
  8. Ask a Question: This can be something fun.
  9. Share Your Favorite Book or movie.
  10. Share industry news and add your thoughts to It. 
  11. Go LIVE! Live Videos Perform AMAZINGLY WELL!
  12. Post asneakpeek of something coming soon: Is this a new angle on how to serve your clients? 
  13. Post a testimonial from a client: This is super important. If you don’t get testimonials, start getting them now! 
  14. Share content from someone big that you like to follow, for example Gary V or Richard Branson. 
  15. Post a case study. 
  16. Answer FAQ’s.
  17. Share some personal wins.
  18. Post something seasonal or highlight a holiday. 
  19. Thank your fans! 
  20. Post Motivational Monday, Tuesday Tip, Wednesday Wisdom, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, or basically a special day with a rhyme that has something to do with your niche.
  21. Share a YouTube video you love.
  22. Share your favorite resources (Apps, Websites, Blogs).
  23. Share afailure and what you learned from it.
  24. Share yourmorning routine. 
  25. Post a discount or a special offer.
  26. Share what inspired you tcreate your product or service. 
  27. Shout out or mention your clients. 
  28. Share a success story. It doesn’t have to be in your niche. 
  29. Share a few oyour favorite things. 
  30. Talk about what mistakes people are making and how to fix them.
  31. Share your other social profiles to connect on. 
  32. Post about something oyour bucket list and ask about what’s oother people’s bucket lists. 
  33. Ask your followers how they found you. 

These ideas will help you get started with people noticing your brand.  

If you didn’t know, one of my services is Social Media Marketing done for you. It’s where you get daily e-mails from me telling what to post so it takes all the guess work out of it.  

What I have for you is going to work PERFECT. It’s going to save you time because, according to studies, I recently read this study that said 43% of business owners spend 6 hours or more (per week) managing their social media profiles. That’s nuts. 

I have a system in place where you can get daily e-mails telling you what to post on your social media. These posts are going to get engagement up and it will take away the guess work so you can do what you do best in your work.  

Thanks for reading guys.  If you have a question put it in the comments below. If you don’t have a question but you think this was useful, let me know. I always like hearing things like that. It makes my day. 


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