Get Consistent Reviews

Are you interest in raising your business by up to 19%.

You can do that by asking one simple question. Want to guess what that is?

Here are some stats for you that will make your head spin:

  • 97% of consumers between 18-34 real online reviews to judge whether or not they want to use a local service.
  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses.
  • You can raise your revenue by 19% by increasing your online review score by at least half-a-star
  • ¬†Are you paying for some awesome Search Engine Optimization? If that is the case we need to talk NOW! Why? in a poll only 18% of people said they would contact a business if they come up on the first page on Google.

What are people judging?


If you are nervous about asking happy clients to give you a good review, you need to get that out of your head RIGHT NOW!

Most business owners are like yourself. They take pride in doing a good job and making people happy. There is no shame in asking them for a review. If they are happy with your work, they will go for it. If you rely on waiting organically, the next guy who gets more active in asking for reviews will have the upper hand and your business MIGHT start disappearing.

Remember when having a website was a way to show credibility?

The market has shifted over the years and now, you are missing credibility unless you have good online reviews. Reviews older than three months are not relevant anymore according to 85% of people polled.

Let’s have a discussion and you can find out that simple 5 word question that can raise your revenue by 19%.