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Google has probably been one of the all-time greatest things in our culture. It was started by two guys back in 96 and now it still is the greatest search engine on the internet. It is even a part of our culture and vocabulary. When you look something up online you “google it.” Their google chrome browser is the most popular web browser in the world. They revolutionized the internet. One thing that is undeniable about google is if you want your business to thrive on the internet, your website needs to be set by Google’s standards so you can be found. That is where I come in.

They have a new badge to let people know there is a problem with a website, or as I like to call it for fun, a new “CONE OF SHAME.”

What do I mean by NEW? Do they have others? Many? No, just one. This.

It shows when a website does not have an SSL certificate. Yes, don’t worry I will speak English. If someone doesn’t have an SSL certificate it means any information a person puts into a website could be stolen by hackers. Here’s the message you get when you hover over the “not secure” button.

If there’s no sensitive information put into the website, it’s still important to fix for three reasons.
1) Google is going to bury you in the search engine and people in your niche will come out ahead of you if you don’t do this fix.
2) I’ve done computer repair and people are always worried about viruses and hackers. If they see your site is not safe, they might leave and go to the competition.
3) Now that you know it’s a problem, it’s something you can’t un-see. It’s like bringing attention to a zit by writing a circle around it like a sharpie.

What is the new cone of shame for the Chrome browser?

It’s your speed. Google announced it here on their blog. According to Google, it’s going to be something like this.

From what I understand, when this badge pops up, it’s still going to give the visitor the option of clicking-through.

What does this mean?

You’re going to be lost in Google’s search engine with this problem too. Personally speaking, I don’t see this as a google being a jerk. It only makes sense that if a website is going to be on that coveted first page on google, their site needs to be up to par on its speed.

Google JUST made this announcement on November 11th, 2019 and as of this point, I am writing this article on December 6, 2019, so it hasn’t even been 30 days yet. They’re slowly going to start rolling this out, and there is only speculation on how they’re going to do the badge. I even heard from an online marking mastermind group that google was going to go so far as recommending faster websites.  I’m not saying this to scare you into letting me get your website up to speed since I KNOW you know where I am going with this article. I just wanted to address a rumor. I’ve read many articles on this new topic and so far, I haven’t seen anything to confirm anything other than, “Google is trying to figure out what to do.”

You can check on your website status if you click here. Just enter your website and see what comes up.

I can send you a free report that details all the things that need to be corrected. You can hand it off to your website guy. You can sign up for your free report here by signing up for my e-mail list. If you want me to fix everything up, no problem I can take care of that too. IT HAS TO BE WORDPRESS ONLY. Don’t know if your website is wordpress? You can go to to check.

After you get your report, if you’re interested in me fixing everything up, e-mail me back and let me know.


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