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Many people like to do their own Facebook ads, and it’s their right to do so. A lot of people don’t put a Facebook pixel on their website. They are losing out on a ton of revenue not doing this vital part of marketing. 


Click here to see why Facebook says the pixels are super important, and how to install it. 

Google analytics does the same thing.  

What does this mean in practical terms?  

It collects information of people who come to your website. 

What’s so POWERFUL part about this?  

You can do something called, “re-directs.”  

When people come to your website, they’re not always going to buy the first time, so the re-directs help the future client come back to your website. How often they come back depends on how much you pay in advertising.  

Here are some quick facts.  

1) 98% of visitors to your website leave without converting, which means you’re throwing away money with the ads.  

2) With retargeting campaigns, the ads get clicked on 200-400% more often because we’re reaching people who have already shown a prior interest in your offering or product.  

3) People respond on average after their 7th point of contact.  

Eventually after seeing these re-direct ads a few times, you’re getting a new client. That KICKS ASS!!! 

Do you need help getting the Facebook pixel or google analytics 

Send me a message. Let’s talk and get you started on kicking some major ass! 


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