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Is there no guarantee of clients? (Linkedin/Google/Facebook ads)  

A common question people ask, specifically with my service for Linkedin or the PPC for Google and/or Facebook ads is, “Is there a guarantee I would get clients?” It’s a question that doesn’t happen much with SEO since most people get that’s more of an organic search compared to ads directly reaching out to clients to take action

It’s an understandable fear. We’ve all had some marketing that turned up terrible. A friend of mine had a billboard right next to his gym. It was super expensive, but he got one client from it. When I used to be a real estate investor, I sent out a mail campaign of 5,000 letters. Even at a 1% response rate, I should have gotten 50 calls. I got none. Wow that sucked. I am laughin in pain right now thinking about how much that sucked since I worked hard getting that list, spend a lot, and got nothing. Oh boy!

My point is, I understand how you feel. 

On the other hand, consider this? What is you don’t take action 

You’ve already taken the biggest risk in the world. Starting your own business. How has it worked out for you? Is it growing rapidly? Growing slow? Not where you want it to be. I’m assuming you want your business to be better in one form or another, otherwise you wouldn’t be on my site. 

What if you didn’t take the risk of starting your own business. Where would you be now? Stuck in a cubicle? Bagging groceries? Digging ditches? All honorable professions and needed in the world, but they weren’t for you. You took that risk and that’s amazing!

Would you be taking a risk hiring me to help your business grow? Of course. 

Keep this in mind though. I’m not in the business of throwing spaghetti in the wall to see if it sticks. 

The ads I have for Facebook and or Google adwords have been time tested with getting someone’s attention and encouraging them to fill out their information. I’m in a mastermind where we help each other with the Google and Facebook ads, and Linkedin B2B. We help fine tune each other’s ads to ensure the clients success.  

Is there a possibility of these not working? Yeah, there is always a chance.  

On the other hand, there is a 100% change of your business staying the way it is if you do nothing?  

 My business won’t grow unless yours grows isn’t just a catchy tag line, it’s how I live my life. 

Let’s talk!


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