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Do you want to ensure your potential customers can easily find the details about your businesses in the search engine results pages?

Google My Business (GMB) is the most powerful strategy you can use and the #1 way to ensure your website appears in local-based search results. Your business will also appear in its own Google My Business listing in the right of search results when people make brand-related searches.

On top of that, people will also see your logo, address, phone number, customer reviews, opening hours and photos). This lets your potential customers know precisely who you are, what you offer, and where they can find you.

Customers want to locate the information they need about your business ASAP in an efficient manner. GMB is the best way to do that.

For local SEO, this is TOP PRIORITY!

Here are other facts that help you realize that GMB is priority #1 for your business.

50% more likely to visit, contact or make a purchase with a fully optimized GMB page.

84% of customers use Google to find information on local purchases, much of which is from their GMB page.

85% of customers trust online reviews the same or more than personal recommendations.

86% of people look up locations of local businesses on Google Maps (often via the GMB page).

When someone is Googling something local, like a business, there is a big chance the result will be a visit to both your business and your website. What does this mean? A positive impact on sales and conversions.

How can you ensure this happens on a regular basis?

Over 50% of the 1st page GMB real estate is gone and now there are local search ads to worry about too! And When Citations Alone No Longer Rank Your Listings…You Need to Stop Shooting in the Dark, You Need Proven GMB Optimization Services designed to increase your client’s online visibility, build their brand prominence and increase their listing relevance. So what are the signals that really matter? Citations? Clean-Up? Links? Reviews? Geo-Tags? We Optimize the Local Ranking Factors that Matter. Local Maps is highly-prized Page 1 real estate and it’s about time you treat it as such.

Full-spectrum Google Maps Strategy Executed in 60 Days or Less

Each white-label Google My Business SEO and Optimization campaign features a comprehensive array of Maps SEO tactics that produce real local SERP results.

Immediately Beat 75% of your competitors still relying on citations for 3 pack rankings

Our strategic approach produces GMB and Local Maps results: We use a variety of means designed to increase a business’s local online presence by improving the brand’s relevance and prominence. No longer can you rely on citations alone, those days are gone. Instead, we create powerful signals that create trust and authority for your brand. And trusted, authoritative brands rank higher, both in the 3 pack and organically.


Free Trial














Optimize GMB


GMB Audit

GMB Optimization

10 GMB Services

10 GMB Q&As and Reviews

20 GMB Photos

GMB Site Content

GMB Site Optimization

Cool GMD Set-Up
first Two months of GMB monthly Expedited in 30 days


One time price 

$1377 if bought seperately

Local SEO Audit

GMB listing Optimization

10 GMB Services

SSL encryption

10 GMB Q&As and Reviews

20 GMB Photos

Image Optimization and Geo Tagging

15 Social Essentials Accounts

25+ Social Fortress Accounts

65 High-Visibility Essential Citations

50 Secondary Citations

Premium local Press Release

Data Aggregators

10 GMB Posts

The Basic GMB Accelerated Set-up consists of the foundational tasks needed to establish an online entity

Awesome GMB Set-Up

first FOUR months of GMB monthly Expedited in 30-60 days


One time price

$2777 if bought seperately

All of the Cool Tasks, plus

Social Power Up

50 Secondary Citations

Apple Maps Submit and Verify

Bing Places Claim/Optimize

411 Submit and Verify

Yelp Claim/Optimize

Ultimate Map Stack

2nd Local Press Release

40+ Local Brand Links

Google Authority Stack Cloud Links

2 payment option available

The Standard GMB Accelerated Set-up includes more local signals and brand docs designated to increase local prominence

Kick-Ass GMB Set-Up

First SIX months of GMB monthly Expedited in 60 days



$4177 if bought sperately

All Basic and Standard Tasks, plus

40+ Social Ultimate Accounts

50+ Secondary Citations

40+ Local Brand Links

Citation Power Up

Niche Network

Geo Network

15+ Local Geo Articles

On-Page Optimization

Local Business Schema

20 Private Network Links

Youtube Local Optimization

2 payment option available

The Advanced GMB Accelerated Set-up includes more brand signals, geo-relevant content, website on-page optimization and authority stacking 

Before I finalize any order, I would like to schedule a strategy session so I can learn about your business and help you achieve your goals. I don’t want to just sell you a product, I want to see your business grow. What are you waiting for?


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