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What’s local citations with Matt all about. 

It’s some kick ass ranking that is overlooked and under rated BIG TIME.  

The decisions we make for your business via Local SEO are back with data based on crawling hundreds of THOUSANDS of top-ranking Google Plus local pages. If we see a page that doesn’t help your listing now, we don’t mess around with it.  

These campaigns are based on thousands of hours of testing and three years’ worth of campaigns.   Each clients campaign is custom made for their need, niche and where they live. It’s not done on a template. 

Nothing is ever the same. You can keep up to date with our work from transparent reporting. When we make a citation, like yellow pages or yelp for example, it’s yours to keep.  



A full citation audit. 

This helps to see where you stand with the local citations to make sure we don’t duplicate a listing, and to check to see if there are any errors that could hurt your local ranking. No matter how big or how small your company is, we check everything thoroughly to make sure there are no mistakes, and nothing will hurt your ranking. Remember, as I said on the front page of this website, my business won’t grow unless yours grows. 



We don’t just flop your information into a standard list of directories. We manually submit you in the best directories for your niche and market via three strategies we use to figure out how to take care of you.  

Strategy 1: Online reputation directories: The most popular, traffic dense authority sites.  

Strategy 2: Competitor directories: We use your specific key words to find out what citations that will help you dominate in your industry but your specific SERPS(Search Engine Results Page). 

Strategy 3: Competitor review directories: We find competitor review directories to find ones that google trusts the most.  

When the find the absolute best directories for you, we provide detailed instructions on how you can get verified be it a phone call or other methods. We will give you a transparent report including the most important thing of all, the login info.  



Now this is the FUN STUFF. 

Any Tom, Dick or Harry from a freelancer website can submit your information to directories. The way we make them stand out is to put them on steroids with geo-tagged photos and videos. We also have citations and links from rich media sources. 


We create a whiteboard slide show with music, pictures and text. These videos are optimized on steroids with geo-meta date. When we finish, we submit your videos to the top hosing courses creating high authority, legit links and citations. 


Send us 10 relevant and or branded images (like logo, front office, or staff picture). We put these on steroids too, including the geo-meta data. We submit these to the top imagine hosting sites which creates high authority, legit links and citations.


Social media has been growing in importance over the years and will continue to do so. We make sure you are way ahead of the game with some kick ass social citations. 

We do careful manual submissions in the way we previously stated and submit to powerful and authoritative social media sites to make your organic reach rock! 

What are you waiting for? This is some cool stuff. Fill out the form and let’s talk! 

Cool GMB Set-up

first TWO months of GMB monthly

Expedited in 30 days


$1397 if purchased individually

Local Seo Audit

GMB Listing Optimization

10 GMB Services

10 GMB Q&A and reviews

Imagine Optimization and Geo Tagging

15 Social Essentials Accounts

25+ Social Fortress Accounts

65 High-Visibility Essential Citations

50 Secondary Citations

Premium Local Press Release

Data Aggregators

Basic Map Stack

10 GMB Posts

The Cool GMB Accelerated Set-up consists of the foundational tasks needed to establish yourself as an online entity

Awesome GMB Set-up

first FOUR months of GMB monthly

Expedited in 30-60 days


$2977 if purchased individually

All Cool Tasks, plus

Social Power Up

50 Secondary Citations

Apple Maps Sumbit and Verify

Bing Place Claim/Optimize

411 Submit and Verify

Yelp Claim/Optimize

Ultimate Map Stack

2nd Local Press Release

40+ Local Brand Links

Google Authority Stack Cloud Links

The Awesome GMB Accelerated Set-up includes more local signals and brand docs designed to increase local prominence

Kick-Ass GMB Set-up

first SIX months of GMB monthly

 Expedited in 60 days


$4197 if purchased individually

All Cool and Awesome Tasks, plus....
40+Social Ultimate Accounts

50+ Secondary Citations

40+ Local Brand Links

Citation Power Up
Niche Network

Geo Network

15+ Local Geo Articles

On-Page Optimization

Local Business Schema

20 Private Network Links
Youtube Local Optimization

The Kick-Ass GMB Accelerated Set-up includes more brand signals, geo-relevant content, website on-page optimization, and authority stacking

Before I finalize any order, I would like to schedule a strategy session so I can learn about your business and help you achieve your goals. I don’t want to just sell you a product, I want to see your business grow. What are you waiting for? Fill out the form and let’s have a strategy session to see if we’re a good fit!


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