Protect my brand with Matt 

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What is Protect my brand with Matt?  

It helps you improve your brand and reputation by putting your name on all of the BEST social sites in the world! Just give me your username and my crew with register the profiles, put all the pertinent information and give you a white label report with all the URLs and login details.  

Why use it? 

1) Reputation Management. 

Your brand is your baby. Keeping it safe is of the utmost importance. By registering all of your social profiles with me, you prevent anyone else from taking your username by accident.  

2) Increased Brand Visibility 

You’re going to be EVERYWHERE! From social sites, video and blogging sites, you’re going to rock out!

3) Hundreds of Sites with only a few clicks 

Let my crew do all the work so you can save time to do what you do best.  

4) Your backlinks are going to KICK ASS.  

On top of increasing your brand’s name, you will also be getting kick-ass high-quality backlinks to your web page. Many of the sites we submit your site to are the best on the web. Google would love to see them connected to your site, and you will love seeing the results.  

How do we start? 

Step 1: Give us your brand name 

Step 2: We register your profile with a special e-mail address, so your inbox doesn’t get destroyed with registration information.  

Step 3: We deliver a report with all of the important information you need. BOOM, your brand is secure.  

300 Profiles Registered


One Time Payment

Full Profile Completion

Quick 3 Week Turnaround

Before I finalize any order, I would like to schedule a strategy session so I can learn about your business and help you achieve your goals. I don’t want to just sell you a product, I want to see your business grow. What are you waiting for? Fill out the form and let’s have a strategy session to see if we’re a good fit!