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Social Media Marketing with…. you?  

I recently read this study that said 43% of business owners spend 6 hours or more (per week) managing their social media profiles. Six freaking hours! That’s like watching Titanic… Twice… Every week! Does this sound like you?  

Social media should add value to your business, not overwhelm you.  If you are spending too much time on social media and not getting the results you need, it’s time to consider a better solution. A solution called SMM with Matt. 

Many people post a lot of social media which is good, but there are two things they don’t realize.

1)It needs a lot of work.

2)They’re doing it wrong.

I can tell you one thing you are doing wrong right now.


Think of it this way.

You’re at a chamber of converse networking social. You go there to talk to people. A Realtor comes up to your face and tells you now is the perfect time to buy and a Mortgage Broker, who is just as uncomfortably close, tells you about how great mortgage rates are. No hellos, no introductions, just immediate pitch.

Do you want to do business with that person?

That is what you’re doing when you’re constantly advertising.

People don’t want to do business with you because you’re the best, they want to do business with you because they LIKE YOU.

Just like a networking social, you need to be personable. Be yourself. If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re kind, be kind.

I’ve seen THOUSANDS of social media profiles. Do you want to know how many people do Social Media right?


She’s a Mortgage broker and most of the stuff that she posts are personal. This lady knows her stuff in the Mortgage business, but she is also cool as hell. That is what makes her social media posting successful and profitable.

She knows her stuff and you can tell from the videos that she makes for Mortgage Tip Tuesdays and Wine Down Wednesdays. She gives insightful mortgage tips, tells stories about helping people, shares success stories, makes personal posts about things she likes, and even made a super cute post of her and her daughter doing a tic tok video (social media that a lot of kids like). This effort has paid off in spades for her business and she’s not even my client…. damn it. I’m just kidding about being upset…. or am I?

This isn’t her product, but she “has the idea” of what to do. It took her a few years to build up her business this way.

I want to cut that time down for you and give a good plan.

What used to take 6 to 10 hours per week, only takes a few minutes a month now.

There are two levels of how this is done. 

Level 1) This is the easiest one.

A social media marketing calendar. You can get it right here.

A fun ad-on is an ad-on for social media are these really rocking images you can buy for the engaging questions or inspirational quotes.

Click on the picture or here to get them. 

I use this calendar for my own business. It won’t make you a millionaire tomorrow. Maybe next week haha.

Level 2) I post for you.

Please give the social media calendar first, is me posting the content for you.

I have some of the best writers out there who are College students, Teachers, stay-at-home moms, even one dude who is a cast member at Disneyland. Cool huh?

I have articles for most professions and if it’s not available on my list, we can still take care of you.

Before we move to that part, please fill out the intake below so I can be prepared to speak with you about helping your business grow to be amazing!


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